Startups and Innovative enterprises Support information

Past Supports (Completed)

Covid-19 Challenges

Covid -19 projects are supported by the ministry in collaboration with UNDP, EDC and X-hub (on business development and networking) so far. The following are the lists of 10 projects supported at the first round and almost 8 (eight) of the projects successfully accomplished as per the project agreement and 2(two) of them are under evaluation and support. Successfully completed- 8+

Green Cookstove- at Bole LEMI Industrial Park)

at Bole LEMI Industrial Park)-Help improve, maintain, and protect the health and natural resources of all Ethiopians by developing and marketing clean household and institutional cookstoves and sustainable fuel pellets.

ICT solution for BLACKLION Hospital

  1. Technical Support – and 3-month incubation services – 4 rounds: 70+
  2. Energy sectors
  1. The winners of the third and fourth round renewable energy technologies (RET) innovative ideas competition was announced this week.
  2. The 25 entrepreneurs and enterprises will access a business incubation programme for investment in renewable energy technologies. In addition, each winner took home close to USD 31,500.
  3. The award is part of a wider RET project launched in 2015 to target 800,000 households and promote innovative solutions on renewable energy technologies for household use, particularly in the rural areas Ethiopia. The project brought together UNDP, the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the United Nations Capital development fund (UNCDF) to support the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy (MoWIE) and the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MiNT).

Ongoing Supports

Orange Digital Center

  1. Covid-19 –second round- In the second round 7(seven) covid -19 projects
  2. ICT based startups and SMEs (KOICA) for seed money and technical support prepared by KOICA
  3. ICT based startups and SMES (UNDP/KOICA) for soft loan through DBE using CRGF Op Manua

Upcoming Supports

  1. Innovation for Development Program 2022
  2. JAICA,
  3. STEP-Swiss,
  4. Heifer
  5. World Bank

Other Innovation and entrepreneurship support information within NIE

Startups and innovative SMEs Entrepreneurship Trainings

  1. Startups and innovative SMEs Entrepreneurship Training
  2. Showcase and discussion forums

Support Success Stories

Green Cookstove-

at Bole LEMI Industrial Park promoting : Clean and healthy cooking

Dr. Nega and his collaborators designed two gasifier cook stoves, a fan-forced model that requires batteries to run, and a natural draft model that does not require batteries. Both of these stoves address the needs identified in field work. Accessories that can be used with these stoves have also been designed. All of this work have patents pending in Ethiopia.

UV sterilizer Production

Simbona Africa developed a local UV room sterilizer used for hospital rooms,
wards, and medical equipment. The apparatus has 8 watts UVC lamps that emit high intensity ultraviolet
light that hits surface in the room and kills any microorganism or pathogens including viruses.