To the stars & beyond

Entrepreneurs, researchers, policymakers, and above all, leaders — have helped to shape the Ethiopia we know today. From a drone that monitors farms to fintech solutions sample text, many of the products …


To serve as a platform for innovators/ entrepreneurs/ startups or innovative enterprises and researchers to get UpToDate information and support services which the national and global innovation ecosystems offer.

Build a country that is conducive for job and wealth creation through technology and innovation.

  • Moral virtue and earnestness
  • Avid thirst for knowledge and learning
  • Work ethic and diligence
  • Unbounded imagination and thinking
  • A foundation for generations to come
  • Competitive cross-disciplinary research funding
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem building
  • Equal opportunity, equity, performance-based approach
  • Serving communities through technology applications


To ensure the sustainability of the country’s development by creating an environment in which innovation systems are implemented.


Who We Work with

Ministry of Innovation and Technology will be fostering local and global strategic partnerships within innovation, Research and Startup Ecosystem that promotes research, technology, and business-based innovations.

Government Agency

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology (formerly known as the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST), Ministry of Communication & Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology) is an agency of the Government of Ethiopia. It was established as a commission in December 1975 by directive No.62/1975.

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