“Startup Ethiopia” Annual Summit Organized by The Ministry of Innovation and Technology in collaboration with Stakeholders Launching


  • To create a continuous engagement platform for Startups across the country to exchange information among startups, startups ecosystem builders, Research institutions and Universities, international startups, and related actors
  • Communicate policy recommendations, and evaluate annual performance of the Summit
  • Establish Partnership among startups, and Local and international innovation actors
  • Local, and international Ecosystem harmonization
  • Show case of product and services
  • Nominating, and providing award to startups demonstrating innovation excellence demonstrated


  • Conduct national yearly competition, Pitching, talent demonstration and selection Stages to get the Nominees best startups of innovation excellence.
  • Forming teams from government and ecosystem actors to design and develop, and present the proposal of the “startup Ethiopia” annua summit
  • Connecting the summit to the annual STI award Events and other related events