Research Enabling Policy Environment Initiatives to promote Ethiopian Research ecosystem

  1. National STI policy..
  2. Research strategy (On going …)
  3. Research support directive
  4. National research ethics guideline
  5. STI council establishment proclamation
  6. Concept Note preparation Guide & format
  7. Proposal preparation Guide & format
  8. Research progress report format

National Research Infrastructure

Ethiopian Veterinary Laboratory

The first ever laboratory for producing microalgae seeds in Ethiopia is nearly ready to begin operations. Run by the Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute, the microalgae research lab will produce food supplement products to fight against stunted growth in children. (Coming soon…)

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Ongoing Supports

No.Title of the ResearchStatues of the projectExpected year of completion
1Mass culture of Selected Microalgae Species for high value
Ongoing2014 Budget year
2Investigation and development of local language resources for
information and predictive system.
Ongoing2014 Budget year
3Synthesize and Modify ZnO NP’s For industrial and Medical
Ongoing2014 Budget year
4Design, Fabrication, and Installation of Livestock feed processing Technology and Formulation of Optimized Livestock feed From Agricultural Agro-processing by Products.Ongoing2014 Budget year
5Sugarcane Bagasse-based products Diversification and By product Valorization.Ongoing2014 Budget year
6Sugarcane Molasses-based products Diversification and By product Valorization.Ongoing2014 Budget year
7Development of Effective Fermentative Yeasts and Optimized Processes Parameters for Efficient Ethanol Production at Metehara and sugar Factories.Ongoing2014 Budget year
8Developing, validating and adopting simple mobile technologies in drug quality evaluation and counterfeit detection.Ongoing2014 Budget year
9Application of Embryo Transfer and In vitro Embryo Production Technologies To improve Dairy Cattle Production in Ethiopia.Ongoing2014 Budget year
10Development and promotion of probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB) Starter Culture for Dairy Fermentation.”Ongoing2014 Budget year
11Curving aflatoxin challenges of food and feed value chain
for improved food safety and security in Ethiopia
Ongoing2014 Budget year

Upcoming Supports

  1. UNDP-MINT-MOE/UIL Research Challenges
  2. MInT’s Research Grant-2015E.C

Development of Fish Hatchery Technology for Production of Nile Tilapia Fish (Oreochromis Niloticus) Seeds/ Developing Recirculated Aquaculture Technologies for Intensive Nile Tilapia Fish (Oreochromis Niloticus) Production

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