This research portal is developed to provide information on the research funding activities of the Ministry and various related institutions, and their implications on the national development and success stories. In addition, it attempts to provide research grant services and grant follow-up activities.

Applied Research

The term R&D covers three types of activity: basic research applied research and experimental development. Basic research is experimental or theoretical work undertaken primarily to acquire new knowledge of the underlying foundations of phenomena and observable facts, without any particular application or use in view. Applied research is original investigation undertaken in order to acquire new knowledge. It is, however, directed primarily towards a specific, practical aim or objective. Experimental development is systematic work, drawing on knowledge gained from research and practical experience and producing additional knowledge, which is directed to producing new products or processes or to improving existing products or processes. The Mint’s Grant (Support) is almost entirely towards Applied and experimental development.

2.2. Criteria for R&D activity

Criteria for R&D activity

For an activity to be an R&D activity, it must satisfy five core criteria. The activity must be:

Research Enabling Policy Environment Initiatives to promote the Ethiopian Research ecosystem (editable Lists)

  • Revised Nation STL Policy
  • Research strategy…
  • Research support directive
  • Nation research ethics guideline
  • STL council establishment proclamation
  • Concept, not preparation guide and format
  • Proposal preparation guide and format
  • Reach progress report format


  • Research infrastructure, grant initiatives, research activities

Research Activities

  1. Research output and impact studies, surveys, analysis, and Research grant information management system
  2. Revising research support Guidelines, national research program design and thematic areas identification.
  3. National Research strategy development
  4. Organizing the annual National Research Conference
  5. Research Discussion Session

Research Activities Gallery

Research infrastructures

The first ever laboratory for producing microalgae seeds in Ethiopia is nearly ready to begin operations. Run by the Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute, the microalgae research lab will produce food supplement products to fight against stunted growth in children.

Support initiatives for research projects

  • UNDP/UIL Research Challenges
  • Higher education Researches support activities (commercialization or application)
  • SGCI initiatives (https://www.africalics.org/call-for-papers-sgci/)


Research Granted 

Overall Performance of the Research Grant Program

Completed Projects

Fabrication and Testing of Tapered Screw Hydro Turbine. 

Mrs. Seblewongel Tesfu(Tidro power Electromechanical and alternative Energy PLC) -2010

Development of Ethiopian license plate recognition system. 

Dr. Yaregal Hasabe(AAU)

Strengthening Borana cattle genetic improvement program combining conventional breeding. 

Dr. Hailu Dadi(AASTU) – 2008  

Soil salinity management, suitability and effects of biological and chemical reclamation techniques on salt affected soils

Dr. Habtamu Admas(Semera University) -2008

Herbal medicine preparation and plant biodiversity conservation in north Shewa zone, Amhara region Ethiopia. 

Dr. Ermias Leulekal(Debre Berhan University) – 2008

Maximizing the development and safe utilization of moringa stenopetala (Haleko Shiferaw) through interdisciplinary investigation approach. 

Dr. Asfaw Debela(Ethiopian Public Health Institute) -2008 

Integrated safety and security management platform. Shaleka 

Dr. Ing. Abrham Belay (amensisa)( (INSA) – 2008

Study on the production of high-quality exotic finished leather. The case of Nile crocodile, fish and ostrich skins. 

Tarekegn Jida(Leather Industry Development Institute) – 2008

Completed Projects

NOTitle of the ResearchStatusExpected year of completion
1Development of an ELISA kit for diagnosis of peste petites ruinants and Newcastle diseaseOngoing2014 Budget year
2Development and promotion of probiotic starter cultures for dairy fermentationOngoing2014 Budget year
3Design and Implementation of ICT based knowledge management system to foster development in rural EthiopiaOngoing2014 Budget year
4Extraction and evaluation of essential oil from herbal plant for medicinal and cosmeticsOngoing2014 Budget year
5Beneficiation and development of bentonite for local industries, micro enterprises and cooperativesOngoing2014 Budget year
6Adoption of hybridoma technology for production of neutralizing monoclonal antibodies for foot and mouth disease (fmd)Ongoing2014 Budget year
7Production and use of sexed semen for boosting milk and beef production in ethiopiaOngoing2014 Budget year
8Soil salinity management, suitability analysis, and effects of biological and chemical reclamation techniques on salt affected soilsOngoing2014 Budget year
9Herbal medicine preparation and plant biodiversity conservation in north shewa zone, amhara region, ethiopia’Ongoing2014 Budget year
10Maximizing the development and safe utilization of moringa stenopetala (haleko, shiferaw) through interdisciplinary investigational approachOngoing2014 Budget year
11A novel approach for sourcing, classifying and characterization of gem-quality colored-stones: a pilot project using selected schools in parts of northern ethiopiaOngoing2014 Budget year
12Preparation and evaluation of in-house monoclonal antibodies against commercial antibodies for clinical and research useOngoing2014 Budget year
13Green construction: Industrial ecology for sustainable use of concreteOngoing2014 Budget year
14Mass culture of Selected Microalgae Species for high value chemicalsOngoing2014 Budget year
15Development of IPM Package for the white Mango scale insect pest in EthiopiaOngoing2014 Budget year
16Enhance the quality and market share of the underutilized coffee grown in Amhara region through chemical and molecular genetic analysis for authentication.Ongoing2014 Budget year
17Screening and characterization of plant growth promoting microbes associated with teff plants to improve grain quality and yieldOngoing2014 Budget year
18Development Of A NovleImmunoprophylaxis for infectious Bursal Disease And Fowl cholera From local IsolatesOngoing2014 Budget year
19Application of Embryo Transfer and In vitro Embryo Production Technologies To improve Dairy Cattle Production In Ethiopia Preliminary Trial and Around Bishoftu TownOngoing2014 Budget year
20Design, Fabrication and Installation of Livestock feed processing Technology and Formulation of Optimized Livestock feed From Agricultural Agro-processing by-ProductsOngoing2014 Budget year
21Method development, optimization and Production Of liquid Coffee Concentrate and Its waste ManagementOngoing2014 Budget year
22Identification, Extraction, characterization and Application of selected natural plant and Regenerated Fibers in EthiopiaOngoing2014 Budget year
23Sugarcane Molasses based products Diversification and Byproduct ValorizationOngoing2014 Budget year
24Pilot Scale Implementation of Treating Tannery Effluents by Electromechanical mechanismOngoing2014 Budget year
25Sugrarcane Bagasse based products Diversification and Byproduct ValorizationOngoing2014 Budget year
26Development of Effective Fermentative Yeasts and Optimized Processes Parameters for Efficient Ethanol Production at Metehara and sugar FactoriesOngoing2014 Budget year
27Curving aflatoxin challenges of food and feed value chain for improved food safety and security in Ethiopia.Ongoing2014 Budget year
28Developing Marketable Hair and Skin care products from two traditionally claimed plant species co-occurring in AFAR RegionOngoing2014 Budget year
29Nutritional Characteristics and Food product development of selected wild Edible plants from Benishangul-Gumuz Region, Kafficho and Bench Maji ZonesOngoing2014 Budget year
30Development of a Fully functional platform for Technology based agriculture and Technology for tourismOngoing2014 Budget year
31livestock (dairy) transformation: dairy cattle breed through mass synchroni zation and artificial insemination, animal feed and health service improvementOngoing2014 Budget year